Supplier Diversity isn’t just a business buzzword. It’s a crucial practice that helps form equitable, inclusive supply chains that contribute to vibrant and innovative business ecosystems. By ensuring that companies can access diverse sources for goods and services, Supplier Diversity Programs help meet institutional goals and allow for equal opportunity. 

Datalou is one of the top providers of Supplier Diversity management solutions for media and entertainment companies. We have leveraged our decades of experience in the media industry to create a scalable, adaptable and comprehensive solution for connecting media agencies with diverse creative suppliers. Utilizing feedback from our clients and partners, we have developed our digital platform to meet the evolving needs of the media industry and help us work toward more equitable representation. 

Here are five important ways that Datalou can help media and entertainment agencies to diversify their supply chains and meet their benchmarks.

  1. Diverse Media Reporting. Designed by industry experts, our digital system is able to capture all media types including influencers, ad tech, and content creators while providing users with a suite of media reports used by diversity, compliance, strategy, and implementation teams.
  2. Supplier Tracking Capabilities. Our turnkey platform allows companies in the media and entertainment industries to track the supplier journey from location (sourcing) to contract (award). This comprehensive tracking and reporting system helps you document spending and sourcing efforts, manage certifications, and share data with stakeholders.
  3. Access More Suppliers. Datalou is the only supplier diversity management system currently in existence with a database of more than 100,000 suppliers with specific skills and capabilities in advertising, marketing, communications and media.
  4. Internal Spend Tracking Capabilities. For monitoring the agency’s overall performance and supplier diversity spending by classification type, our internal spend tracking report does just that. This feature is instrumental when responding to RFPs or when you would like to publish your media agency’s contribution to diverse supplier communities.
  5. Multiple Financial Systems Data Integration. Datalou enables entertainment and media companies to import and integrate data from multiple financial systems across their organization and seamlessly develop reports that reflect the data from multiple sources.

Our goal is to empower and equip media agencies to launch, grow, and improve their Supplier Diversity programs. To learn more about our platform and capabilities, contact us today.