Services for Your Diversity Needs

Whether you are being asked to submit Tier 2 reporting to your clients or responding to an RFP or planning and hosting an event, the team at Datalou are here to help. Services are provided on an ad-hoc basis allowing you to augment your existing team or tap into the expertise of industry diversity professionals with years of experience.

Supplier Classification

We set the industry standards for diverse validation in media and advertising.
With capabilities to identify suppliers by over 190 certifications and 60+ classifications.


  • Our processes meet the standards of certification allowing you to identify the diverse suppliers in your supply base and encourage them to become certified.

  • We capture key demographics in addition to business ownership and parent company data.

Client Tier 2 Reporting

Develop your diverse spend reports using Datalou, and if you prefer, the Datalou team can manage this for you. Our technology captures and manages your client requirements doing away with spreadsheets and culling through emails for the latest information. With the most comprehensive diversity reporting for advertising and media, we create your diverse supplier expenditure reports based on your agency and clients’ individual requirements.

Data Integration

Datalou enables you to normalize data from multiple financial systems across your organization and partners. Reporting reflects the data from multiple sources categorized and easily identifiable in the reporting templates for all aspects of spend within media and advertising.

Supplier Outreach & Advocacy

The first year of the pandemic the Datalou team contacted 400+ industry suppliers assisting agencies and their clients in determining the needs and viability of the supply base. These efforts are on-going through partnerships and projects with certification councils and industry organizations directly connecting suppliers to sourcing professionals and helping to expand and grow their business and client relationships

Events Management

It’s one thing to have a list or search for suppliers using a database. Nothing replaces direct contact even if it’s done remotely or virtual. Sourcing efforts are best done by interaction between the buyer and seller whether it’s during a speed round of meetings, supplier showcase event or one-on-one matchmakers. Our team of experienced events planners and outreach professionals are here to help. We can plan, contact, recommend and manage events to help meet your increasing diverse supplier needs.

Supplier Diversity Consulting

There’s only one choice for agencies that need counsel and support for their supplier diversity initiatives and client requirements, PPS. The team at Professional Partnering Solutions has over 16 years of experience working internally at agencies and for the leading advertisers to develop solutions to grow their diverse supplier participation in advertising, marketing, media and communications.