Trailblazers in Global Supplier Diversity

In a world that’s focused on numbers, clouds and automation, Datalou delivers technology that builds relationships by connecting brands, suppliers, and agencies.


As the leading global provider of supplier diversity solutions for media, advertising marketing, and communications delivering to the top advertisers of the world, our strategic approach to data management is rooted in the fundamental necessities for the fast-paced and constantly evolving advertising landscape.

We use our industry experience and winning track record to deliver creative supplier diversity solutions that help many of the world’s best-known brands and agencies succeed.


Datalou boasts a professional team with extensive experience in the complexities and challenges of navigating supplier diversity management software, client requirements, and reporting. That’s why Datalou is a comprehensive solution that improves your departments’ workflows while contributing to a stronger supplier diversity program.

The Datalou Difference

After decades of experience in the industry, we realized that the advertising sector needed a scalable, adaptable and comprehensive solution for connecting agencies with creative suppliers. Drawing on the feedback of our extensive network of clients and partners, we have continued to evolve our platform to better meet changing industry needs.

Manage Differing
Client Requirements

Your clients are important and so are their requirements. Datalou allows you to
manage their goals at the company and business unit levels. The system also helps you manage your clients allowances for reporting: as requirements will often change. This allows for a better experience for your team and clients providing them with meaningful analytics they can trust and use to increase their spend with diverse suppliers.

Supplier Management
Data Intelligence

Datalou flags new suppliers and matches their information for diversity classification and certification. Datalou’s team of supplier advocated are available for supplier scrubs and to contact suppliers when additional validation is required.

Multiple Financial Systems Data Integration

Datalou enables you to import and integrate data from multiple financial systems across your organization and seamlessly Develop reports that reflect the data from multiple sources without additional work performed by the user.

Datalou is a certified minority-owned, woman-owned, small

business with a diverse group of talented professionals

skilled in technoglogy, supplier diversity, and media.



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Datalou's SaaS is a scalable platform designed with agencies in mind for a truly tailored fit with quick turnkey applications. 

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