Supplier Diversity Registration Portal

Datalou’s Diverse Supplier portal is designed for you to succeed,

grow, and expand your network and win contracts.

Quick & Easy Registration

Our interactive Supplier Registration is optimized for quick and efficient data collection that tailors the experience to the type of supplier. Datalou’s dynamic sign-up offers specific forms that capture key details unique to Businesses, Sole Proprietors, Freelancers, Media Entities, and Influencers.

Supplier Advocacy

The Supplier Advocacy feature allows agencies to track their engagement with suppliers, helping them to keep focus on the supplier from first meeting to award of business. Agencies and suppliers both benefit from better organization, transparency and communication.

Bid Opportunities

Agencies are able to post bid opportunities from within the platform, available for registered suppliers to view, elect to participate, and submit a bid response directly from their detailed profile. Agencies are able to view their supplier details right from there for a fuss free discovery process.

Supplier Registration

Tailored for today’s suppliers in advertising and media, user-friendly, and dynamic – our Supplier Registration portal is designed with you in mind through extensive experience working with the nation’s top brands.


Standard registration forms are still capturing the same boilerplate fields, leaving key details that are integral to the relevancy of the supplier and effective reporting out of the mix. Supplier management can only be as good as the info on hand, that’s why we start right from the beginning.

Supplier Advocacy

Datalou’s Certified Supplier Advocacy feature completes the supplier flow from first engagement to awarded bids allowing brands to monitor, track and report initiative efforts long before spend reports come into play.


Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheet trackers, missed opportunities and broken communication threads when you choose Datalou.

Bid Opportunity Tracker

Create and broadcast bid opportunities to prospective suppliers from within the Datalou platform and know that you’re reaching the right audience. 

Request a demo today to find out how Datalou can boost your bids with diverse suppliers here.

Quickly generate a single report detailing all opportunities granted to diverse suppliers at the end of the fiscal year, satisfy ad-hoc client requests, or prove all good faith efforts (GFE).

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Customer Reviews

“The system is easy to use.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

“Reports are done in seconds.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

“This tool is perfectly designed for agencies.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

“You guys have thought of everything, no changes are needed.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

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Datalou's SaaS is a scalable platform designed with agencies in mind for a truly tailored fit with quick turnkey applications. 

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