The news media are in a constant state of transition as new technologies and virtual capabilities make it possible for consumers to access information in increasingly innovative ways. Like many industries, the news media have also faced internal challenges related to COVID-19, social distancing, economic volatility, and The Great Resignation. 

Combined with the pressures of the 24/7 news cycle and controversial social issues that make it both difficult and dangerous to report on current affairs, these challenges will make it difficult for many outlets and publications to survive. 

In 2022, here are five ways you can expect to see the news media adapting to these most recent setbacks and obstacles.

  1. Newsletters and podcasts on the rise. Businesswire reports that the popularity of podcasts and newsletters is growing as these new forms of information dissemination become mainstream. Both of these platforms have a low cost of entry, making them popular options for independent journalists and content creators.
  2. Apps as a source of news. A Pew Research survey found that 73% of the highest traffic news outlets now have apps. Mobile apps have become an easy and convenient way for consumers to access news and receive notifications about relevant topics.
  3. Increase in digital advertising. eMarketer estimates that digital advertising increased by $132 billion from 2019 to 2020 and now comprises about 63% of all advertising revenue. Digital platforms will continue to be invaluable for media outlets relying on advertising revenue.
  4. The advancement of AI journalism. The news media are already incorporating artificial intelligence for research, data collection, and content creation purposes, and experts predict that AI will continue to prove its importance to the journalism industry.
  5. Focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. The integration of internal and external diversity, equity and inclusion goals and strategies is crucial for the media industry and can help avoid future organizational crises, according to Businesswire.

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