These days, many small businesses use social media to connect with customers and promote their products. But with the algorithms and consumer habits constantly changing, how do you ensure your social media marketing strategy is effective as a small business owner? Here are some social media tips for small businesses to help you build an audience and engage with your target audience online. Whether you’re just starting out or have been using social media for years, following these steps consistently will help you grow your following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

  1. Start with a Plan
    If you’re new to social media, start by creating a plan. What do you hope to accomplish? How much time do you expect to spend each day? Will you use multiple platforms? Do you need to hire an expert? Once you’ve answered those questions, you can begin building your marketing strategy for Facebook and other social media.
  2. Post Regularly
    If you want to grow your social media followers, you need to post regularly. You should aim to share at least one update per day, or every other day—whether it’s a photo, video, blog post, or other type of content. This helps keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.
  3. Engage With Other Accounts
    Another tip is to engage with others who are also sharing content related to your business. By commenting on posts and liking comments, you’ll show people that you care about what they have to say and encourage them to follow you back.
  4. Be Consistent
    You’ll also want to make sure you’re consistent with your posts. Don’t post at different times every day; instead, try posting once per day. Also, don’t post too often. Posting too frequently can cause people to tune you out. Instead, post when you feel inspired to share something meaningful.
  5. Focus on Quality Over Quantity
    If you want to grow your business using social media, focus on quality over quantity. You should be posting content that is relevant to your target market and that adds value to them. For example, if you sell dog treats, post pictures of dogs enjoying your treats. Or if you sell children’s toys, post photos of kids playing with your toys.