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Traditionally a underrepresented or historically underutilized groups such


A company that is 51% owned, managed and controlled


The broader categories of diverse suppliers small, women, minority, veteran.


The broader categories of diverse suppliers small, women, minority

Client Tier 2 Reporting

This report is used for reporting into the client portals and for communicating
status against the client’s goal. This report is generated based on the client profiles
and allowable certifications and classifications, providing the most accurate client reporting of
diverse supplier spend.

Internal Spend Tracking

For monitoring the agency’s overall performance and supplier diversity spend by classification type,
this report does just that. Great to use when responding to
RFPs or would like to publish your agency’s contribution to diverse supplier communities.

Diverse Media Reporting

Designed by industry professionals, our system is
designed to capture all media types including
influencers, ad tech, and content providers while
providing users with a suite of media reports used by diversity, compliance, strategy, and implementation teams.

Empowering Agencies

Information for new business and RFPs at your fingertips. With Datalou you can instantly view the latest count of the number of diverse suppliers used at the agency, client and business unit level. Easily include the amount of diverse spend for any period within seconds. Eliminating the phone calls and last minute fire drills to find the information.

Visibility to Opportunities

Through our integrated platform, you can track budgets, identify work and match the right suppliers for your business needs.

Find Diverse Suppliers

Identify diverse suppliers easier than ever with our Supplier Match. Results are generated using the most up to date industry data and shown in real time.

Track & Report Spending

Integrate data from all financial systems across your organization to seamlessly develop on-demand reports. Datalou’s robust reporting capabilities support a wide range of reporting targets.

Bid Opportunities Tracker

Supplier Advocacy Manager

Internal & Client Spend Reporting

More Than Just a Database

Decades of experience has told us that the industry needed a scalable, adaptable and comprehensive solution to serve as a repository for creative suppliers used in the advertising industry. Over the years to request to expand the supplier types and enhance the reporting capabilities lead us to where we are today.

Datalou is a multitenant, web-enabled, permissions based, secure platform with over 100,000 creative, advertising and media suppliers.

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Individual Join

Individuals do business under their
Social Security Number.

Company Join

Companies do business under a
federal (TAX) ID Number.

While spend reporting captures suppliers that were awarded work, many suppliers are met along the way.

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Supplier Advocacy

Supplier advocacy tracks where you met the supplier, when their capabilities were reviewed, and more.

Supplier advocacy provides tracking and reporting of your supplier engagement efforts enabling you to demonstrate good faith efforts.

The Supplier Management & Reporting Tool

That can manage all your diverse supplier needs

Datalou is a comprehensive solution that’s built from experience, and made for the future of supplier diversity management. Our powerful supplier database captures valuable vendor details for better searches, advocacy, and analytics.

Manage your internal procurement requirements and goals through agency and brand profiles for a resource of custom reports.

“The system is easy to use. Reports are done in seconds.”

– Finance Director, Advertising Agency